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Tara Energy Details

  • Tara Energy was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Houston Tx. 
  • A subsidiary of Just Energy Group since 2011
  • Run by a well-established parent company that is over 20 years old, serving 1.8 customers worldwide 
  • Solar electricity options
  • Free nights plan
  • Highly rated customer service 
  • Same day service availability 
  • Texas-based company
  • Competitive electricity rates
  • Commercial energy plans available
  • A Rating with the Better Business Bureau 
  • Quality online account management and customer service 
  • Highly rated for service and price by customers and critics

Our Take on Tara Energy

Brand: 4.6

Price: 4.3

Service: 4.5

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Pros & Cons for Tara Energy

  • Has an experienced and reputable parent company 
  • Comprehensive green product offerings
  • Same-day service 
  • High rated service record
  • Can be difficult to reach

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Why do we "Highly Recommend" Tara Energy

After reviewing Tara Energy, our editorial staff would recommend this company.

Tara Energy is a reliable provider and a solid choice for any Texan. The company has highly rated customer service, several great energy plan options, and a large, reputable parent company.

Tara Energy was founded in 2002 and was bought by Just Energy in 2011. Just Energy is an electricity provider supplying electricity in several countries around the world. They also have a well of experience and have been around for decades.

Just Energy owns several smaller providers such as Tara Energy, Amigo Energy, and others. Being run by such a large, successful, and experienced company, Tara Energy knows how to serve its customers well.

The company offers several electricity plan options to ensure that each of its customers is well taken care of and are able to find the best option for their needs. Being a Texas-based company with almost 20 years of experience, Tara energy knows what Texans need.

One of their popular electricity plan options is a night’s free plan, allowing customers to not pay for electricity every single night. They also offer solar electricity options so their customers can power their homes with green energy without overpaying for a green energy plan.

With same-day service, customers can sign up for a Tara Energy plan and immediately begin reaping the benefits.

One of Tara Energy’s minor downfalls is that some customers have reported that they can be difficult to reach at times. While the communication issues are minor, it is something to consider.

Overall, Tara Energy is a trustworthy provider company and one we recommend to all Texas residents. It is a great option if you are looking for simple, straightforward electricity and great customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tara electricity plans affected by energy deregulation?

The answer is pretty simple. Yes.

The term “elimination of government control over energy prices” is known as deregulation. It has been used in some countries to refer to the process of breaking up state-owned oil and gas enterprises. The concept was that, in a competitive market, cost would be driven down by supply and demand forces.

Because there is no longer a legal ceiling on energy prices, firms like Tara Energy may change their rates to compete for your business. That being said, because they want to offer you the lowest rate possible for your energy plan in order to win or retain your business, Tara electricity plans will be influenced by energy deregulation.

Does Tara Energy Plans offer a nights-free plan option?

Yes! Tara energy absolutely provides a night’s free plan option! With this plan option, you will get free electricity every night of the week, Monday through Sunday! Meaning, you won’t be charged for your energy usage from 9:00pm-7:00pm every evening. This option is great for anyone who tends to stay up late into the night. It also benefits the consumer who is not home much during the day time.

Tara offers this as a 24 month plan, so you will be able to enjoy this plan for the extent of 2 whole years!

What types of energy plans does Tara Energy Plans have for consumers to choose from?

Tara Energy has a number of plans to pick from, so you’re sure to discover one that works for you. Tara Energy has you covered whether you’re searching for a nights-free plan or a fixed-rate plan.

The most popular energy plan Tara offers is the “JustGreen” plan which is a Tara electricity plan that fully powers your home with 100% green energy from renewable sources! This helps your wallet and the environment!

Plus, Tara’s plans are always updated to reflect the latest changes in the energy market, so you can be confident that you’re always getting the best deal.

How can I contact Tara Energy Plans?

Tara Energy Plans is simple to reach out to! They are only a phone call away whether you’re looking to renew your energy plan, need to make a payment, or have any other queries.

Tara Energy Plans is known for the customer service being absolutely intentional, honest, and helpful.

How often do energy providers raise their rates? 

Energy providers can raise their rates at any time, although they typically do not increase prices on a regular basis. It is important to compare rates regularly to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract?

No, you do not have to sign a contract when using our platform. We make it easy for you to compare and find the best plan without any commitment. Plus, many providers offer special incentives and discounts when you switch plans so you can save even more money on your energy bills. With Energy Outlet, finding the perfect plan has never been easier!

Tara Energy Review, Tara Energy Rates, Electiricty Plans
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