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Veteran Energy Details

  • Veteran Energy was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Texas
  • Gives percentage of income back to support veteran charities
  • Competitive rates
  • Self-serve available at all times
  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau 
  • Partnered with Veterans of Foreign Wars, Fisher House, Lone Survivor Foundation, Paws for Heroes, and Combined Arms
  • Bill payment assistance available for Texas families struggling to pay energy bills
  • Usage dashboard available 
  • Green energy plans available 
  • Fixed-rate and variable-rate plan options
  • Multiple fixed-rate contract options
  • Auto-pay available

Our Take on Veteran Energy

Brand: 3.9

Price: 4.0

Service: 3.6

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Pros & Cons for Veteran Energy

  • Supports veterans
  • BBB Accreditation 
  • Texas-based company
  • Some complaints about payment processing issues
  • Higher prices than some competitors

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Why do we "Highly Recommend" Veteran Energy

After taking a look at Veteran Energy, our staff has decided that we would recommend this company. It is a solid choice, providing customers with simple, straightforward energy plans.

One major benefit of this company is that, by choosing to power their home with Veteran Energy, users are able to help support United States veterans. Veteran Energy has partnered with veteran charity organizations such as
Veterans of Foreign Wars, Fisher House, Lone Survivor Foundation, Paws for Heroes, and Combined Arms. A percentage of the company’s income goes to supporting these organizations.

The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. They also have a user-friendly app and usage dashboard allowing users to easily track and monitor their energy usage. Auto pay is also available, allowing users to pay their bills automatically without having to worry about forgetting to pay or being late on a payment.

Another selling point for this company is their mission to ensure that every person is able to pay their energy bills. To do so, they have established some programs which help low-income families who are struggling to cover the payments. This company offers several diverse plan options including green energy plans, variable-rate plans, and fixed-rate plans with several contract length options.

One downside, however, is that the rates for this company may be higher than some of their direct competitors. This is a disadvantage for some users. Other users reported some issues with their bills being processed. Other than these minor complaints, users have overall been pleased with their energy plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Veteran Energy unique?

Veteran Energy strives to support American veterans. A portion of all the company’s profits goes directly to a veterin-supporting charity. They support several veteran charities including The Lone Survivor Foundation, Paws for Heroes, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Combined Arms, and Fisher House. Veteran Energy makes a point to support American veterans and gives their customers the opportunity to do so as well by donating a portion of every user’s energy bill to one of their partners. 

Do I Have to Sign a Contract?

No, you do not have to sign a contract when using our platform. We make it easy for you to compare and find the best plan without any commitment. Plus, many providers offer special incentives and discounts when you switch plans so you can save even more money on your energy bills. With Energy Outlet, finding the perfect plan has never been easier!

Does Veteran Energy offer green energy plans?

Yes, Veteran Energy offers several green energy plan options. Their “Green Choice” energy plan option gives users the opportunity to power their home with 100% renewable energy. Choosing a green energy plan for your home is an easy, inexpensive way to help better the world around you. Renewable energy is far better for the environment than traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels and natural gas. These traditional sources can be delegated to the earth’s natural resources nda harmful to the environment. Green energy sources, like solar energy, for example, are called renewable because they are often available for unlimited use. Solar energy is available for us to use as long as the sun is in the sky, and harnessing this energy does not damage the sun in any way. 

What kind of energy plans are offered by Veteran Energy?

Veteran Energy rates come in fixed-rate or variable-rate plans. With a fixed-rate plan, users will benefit from a set contract and set, locked-in electricity rates that will not change through the duration of this contract. It is a great long-term option and perfect for anyone looking for plenty of security and stability with their electricity. A variable-rate plan, on the other hand, provides users with plenty of freedom and flexibility. This plan type runs on a monthly basis rather than on a set contract. The rates with this plan will also fluctuate each month as the energy market does. This may be a good option for you if you are looking to take a risk with your electricity in order to, hopefully, save on your rates. It also functions as a great short-term option. 

What are the most popular Veteran Energy plans?

The most popular option for Veteran Energy plans is their “Select” plan. This is a simple fixed-rate option. It offers users simple, straightforward electricity with no extra frills This plan is 6% renewable. With this option, users also have the power to choose between a one-year, two-year, or three-year plan contract length. 

What charities does Veteran Energy support?

Veteran Energy supports several local charities that give back to American veterans. The main charities that Veteran partners with are The Lone Survivor Foundation, Paws for Heroes, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Combined Arms, and Fisher House. They also support some other organizations where there is a need.

Can I get a discount for energy-efficient appliances? 

Some energy providers offer discounts for energy-efficient appliances, such as fridges, washing machines, and air conditioners. It is important to check with your provider to see if they offer any discounts.

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Veteran Energy Review, Tara Energy Rates, Electiricty Plans
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